On Your Mark, Get Set…

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I have been planning my 90-Day Bins Listing Challenge since before Christmas. I chose a start date that would take me to the end of April and then give me a moments respite before yard sale season began. So, tomorrow is the day. This morning, however, we awoke to frigid temperatures and snow. Snow. We […]

90-Day Bins Listing Challenge

What is it about putting a number to a goal? I don’t mean, necessarily, I want to lose 46 pounds (by the way, that is a silly number because our goal numbers usually end in 0 or 5) but I am going to do ‘x’ for 30, 60 or 90 days. I guess it’s like […]

Unpopular Opinion – Where to start

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Resellers with a YouTube following are not always experts. Let that sink in a moment. Let me just say that there is some terrible advicecirculating out in the ether. I mean, hey, at some point someone thought it wasa great idea to pick up the black diamond Disney VHS tapes. One of the greatthings about […]

What a Croc!


Several years ago, as I was wandering around our mall (back when we wandered among other humans) I saw a vendor in the middle of the walkway, selling the oddest shoes I had ever seen. They looked like rubbery plastic clogs. I remember mentioning them to my mom and she was like, “Oh yeah, Mario […]

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